Zip Up Smartphone Wallet

Protecting Your Smartphone with the Beautiful and Efficient Zip Up Wallet

In this video, Learn how to make a cross-body phone bag complete with zipper and pocket.

There are many things that can go wrong when keeping your smartphone unprotected, so why don’t you use the new Zip Up wallet and take care of your precious phone? You can easily get this accessory for a great discount by using a Straight Talk promo code from

This wallet is easy to open and close, and it has a convenient size which means that it can fit in any pocket or purse. With resistant special mesh interior, it will protect your phone even in case of accidents. The special mesh cutouts will also ensure that the ring of the smartphone will be heard even in the loudest environments. The reliable zipper closure also makes sure the wallet remains sealed and that your phone will be safe from dust particles or other damaging factors.

New features and characteristics fit for everyone

This wallet is made of premium quality materials, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. But resistance is not what defines this wallet, it’s the character, strength and quality that make it stand out from the rest. The smooth interior lining covers all pockets and also keeps a good grip on your phone and cards.

With many separated pockets, you can store your credit cards, business cards here without fear of losing them. No more forgotten cards at home in various clothes, you can now have everything you need nice and safe in the Zip Up wallet. The wallet is also equipped with a zippered pocket in the back which allows you to store various additional items such as coins, receipts and just about any other small items you might consider as essential. The well placed side zipper makes it possible to connect either your earphones or your charger while still having your smartphone kept safe and protected inside your wallet.

In this video shows the “WalletBe Slim Smartphone” RFID Wallet Purse is a beautifully appointed premium leather piece you will be proud to own.

Get this great wallet and protect your smartphone

Purchase this wallet that will offer protection to your smartphone and allow you to store all the essentials needed in this busy 21st century. Designed with both aesthetical appeal and efficiency, this wallet is a must have for people wishing to keep their smartphone safe while still looking good.


A great smartphone wallet with a new design “beautiful and well made wallet!” combines style with efficiency, allowing you to protect your smartphone while also looking trendy. You can fit most brands and types of smartphones into this well designed wallet.

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