When to open gifts during a party?

Once it was traditional for children to open gifts at the end of the party while guests still present. Today it seems, a lot of folks are doing this privately or creating new standards.

It depends on the party. If it is a family party & everyone wants to see the birthday child open the gifts – I say it’s ok. I prefer opening gifts privately. Sometimes it’s too hard for kids to sit and watch someone else open presents (and not get some for themselves)….& sometimes it’s just too boring for me to sit and watch.

I guess for me it depends on the size of the party and the party supplies. None wants to watch a child open 50 presents, but to watch him/her open 8-10.

We try to open our during the party and also ask the person that gave the gift to sit next to the birthday child while they open the present. I makes remembering who gave what gift a lot easier. I always seem to lose the paper if I try to write it down.

As a new mom, I didn’t know it had come to this. I thought kids just opened presents towards the end of the party, though for both my baby shower, where my son was present and at his first birthday party we did take gifts home and open them. Not because of any politically correct reason, but because in both cases there wasn’t enough time, having to conclude the event at a certain time. Also for his 2nd birthday, which is next month based upon the time slot we may have to take them home again.

Whether during or after the party… its always wonderful to send a little thank you to the gifter. I’m finding that a very lacking part of parties in the present.

I don’t want to sit through all the presents! And if the party is for me, I SO hate opening gifts in front of others! My vote is after the party, but ensure a very thoughtful and personal thank you follow-up.

Sadly, I can’t seem to keep the present-opening out of the equation, I know alot of kids want to see the birthday kid’s reaction because they themselves are so excited about giving the gift. Plus, I want to teach my kids good host manners by personally thanking each child for the present and saying a little something about it.

That is how we do it. Not alphabetically though. The birthday child picks a gift to open, the giver then comes up, sits with them, gets their picture taken with the birthday child and onto the next. Then comes the cake and singing. This works for us as it distracts from the gifts. Then the party is over, favors are handed out as they leave, thanking them for coming, or if there is a candy bar, they fill their sacks, buckets or boxes.If by chance there are so many gifts, like from the grandma, he,he, he, we set those aside if time is an issue and only open the partiers gifts. Once everyone is gone,we can take the time to open the others.

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