Three Types of Insurance You Absolutely Need for a Better Life

In the old days it was simple. If you got sick you either didn’t get treated or you had to pay for it out of pocket. If your house burned down you built another one and if your horse died you bought a new one. Of course this environment was rather unpredictable. A lot of people died or buried themselves in debt from unexpected medical expenses. Crop failures or a sick horse could spell ruin for a family.

Of course our day is much more complicated. Government regulations and high medical costs make living without insurance impractical and in some cases illegal. There are also a myriad of insurances available. Some celebrities have even take out policies on their body parts. Now, you probably don’t need that kind of protection, but there are a few types of insurance that you shouldn’t be going without.


It is very hard to get by without this kind of insurance. Even if you live a relatively healthy life there is always the possibility of a car accident. Unless you are independently wealthy there is no way that you could afford even something as simple as an appendectomy. Whether you get it through your job or a private company, health insurance is essential. Some insurance companies make it difficult to get health insurance by asking you to fill complicated business forms. So, you need to be careful with them.


You can get away without having health insurance but it is illegal to drive a car without auto insurance. This is something you will can’t anyway. Sometime in your life you will be involved in an accident and fixing your vehicle can get pricey quick, the best way to offset the cost is decent car insurance. Plus you don’t want to get arrested for not having it, so search out the best auto insurance Provo has to offer and get it today.

Renters – Home

With the price of housing today you can’t afford to ignore this type of protection. A fire or natural disaster can leave you without a home but still with a $400,000 mortgage. That type of a blow is hard to recover from. Make sure you find good home insurance so you can make sure your family always has a roof to cover them.


Although this kind of insurance is not as crucial as the previous three, if you have a family, the main breadwinner should have a policy. Then if tragedy should befall, the money from the insurance can help the non-working partner pay for expenses until a more permanent solution can be reached.

Now you know the main types of insurance and some of the reasons that you need a policy in each. Once again, be careful while filling out the business forms given by the insurance company.

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