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And the and fight nurse news lemma know if you still don’t know what you want to be for, Halloween you can now be a fight e all the nurse costume oh my goodness at the hotel little unhappy with their I’ll the whole equipment lot a joke it’s real with an Obama. Fight body Alex what’s the difference she like on the other hand as mastoid or something don’t have a she’s a has the Ebola virus, and is a nurse no I’ll that’d fun formal Anderson the whole thing just sounds horrible. So for this the detailed up this costly mistake at the deadly Ebola virus check of its way through the United States fighting.

If indeed is no we can to cover my style the short dress and chic gas mask mall be the talk of my life London Paris and New York at the world fashionista keep local solutions. To had met pop culture Kantor your Qatar salahuddin Joe it does REO Tylenol public painting affairs base. Let’s take on yeah for 50 bucks you can buy this that were at times alright yeah here’s my summer normal, who fought make that she and I what brand are what company Hasbro no just asses Donahue Franklin. Tale it’s got to be interesting you know how I 30 and yes but not you can buy and then from the men it that 80 bucks and they have to stop.

Evolve might cost issue people if they she’ll be the massive, I called and latex gloves and then he by as kind and sensitive not only formal what do you think they made it? For the whole underfoot the people live I guess yeah eating they’re making fun of the situation because there is a lot of people saying, that the whole thing is just I’ll exaggerated of course like propaganda wise. So still they could be making by the situation to make it less sensitive is that really the target market, all fashionistas the really thing fascinating article on by in Paula Coughlin where at least maybe some.

I advertisement was a big joke telling a joke yeah. I mean there was another a below cost in dollars circulating but that one point hole its for. Breaking Bad REIA and now the other one had the time like the Breaking Bad like my father Mel 1 I’ll looks like the cocaine breaking, bad thing yeah I mean and the other one that’s like a hoax it’s pretty much like on the other muscles and not bad at all just love the look like this all the hugs one-shot colon cancer.

Bhutan signed up for reboot yeah I’ll protect you know it’s funny is all that girl fight Halloween costumes they’re like magic and functional now well I didn’t even, look really look so good yeah but it would guide where’s it looks coring ridiculous like a guy’s Halloween costume will look real like it looking like he’s a cop you look like a cop all requirements fire right cook or a girl. To just Richard is that like suspenders a cover girl is mine officer good it about a fire pit ha-ha is one of the worst things to me to grow during Halloween because your perception is different yeah.

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