Pure Slim 1000 is a popular low calorie diet

Pure Slim 1000 is a popular low calorie, high intensity workout program that gets your body off junk good by decreasing your caloric intake and increasing your consumption of healthy foods and exercise according to http://staceyknowles.hubpages.com/hub/100-Pounds-in-Four-Months-On-Pure-Slim-1000.
I didn’t know that was even a point worth making if you consider that everyone is still supposed to run in the “fat burning Zone.” Well, not really, but low intensity and longer durations are standard recommendations, so the point of HIIT was that you can achieve the same with doing less volume, far higher intensity. 
Another point was that adaptations might in fact have different origins than just running long. And that point has been well demonstrated, now the question is how to in fact bring more light. There are people that react incredibly favorable to higher intensity endurance training while some others do not react at all.
Pure Slim Meal Plan
When you are on the Pure Slim meal plan you will be consuming more fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and of course plenty of water. The recipes they provide are easy to follow and use. 
Pure Slim 1000 Results
It really depends on the size of your deficit. Learn more about Pure Slim: http://lizwalker50.tumblr.com/
If you have a HUGE deficit, anything beyond strength training and light cardio is not a good idea. With a large to moderate deficit, you can HIIT once or twice a week and skip all other cardio. 
If you are looking to loose fat largely through training (Which is a fool’s errand, if you ask me. Training can help, but it is not the best way to do it), the amount of cardio starts to get bigger and bigger.
And this is something I am opposed to in the first place. Cardio training, however you do it, is a good thing. Except if you are running ….
Recommending HIIT above steady state is if you ask me the wrong question, the question is how big is the deficit and why is that person training? If you do sprint style training, you will see that the training helps retain protein, which means retaining muscle mass which means retaining your basal metabolic rate.  If your goal is doing as much training as possible, obviously crushing yourself all the time is not too favorable.
Or not? Well, you might be surprised that most people’s bodies recover faster from an 8 minute Tabatha Interval session or sprinting than they do from 60 minutes of moderate cardio. Check out out full review of Pure Slim 1000 here: http://consumerscompare.org/pure-slim-1000-review/
My Opinion of Pure Slim
So yeah you start putting different kinds of food into your body, or different training regimes, and you have to decide what would happen then, compared to actual starvation
When I put HIIT into my training program twice a week seemed good, sometimes unto 3 times a week but twice a week seemed quite good, was doing a shit load of other training in a week though
Regarding glycogen stores, well I was glycogen depleted pretty much most of the time as I was on a ketogenic diet, and my bodies preferred fuel source was fat, I call that pretty win for burning up fat stores, as well as a diet where instead of feeling hungrier after eating carbs than before i ate them, i felt good and not hungry just ate till i was satisfied without counting calories and evidently didn’t eat too many as my body fat kept burning up. That said there’s many ways to skin a cat, and multiple training/diet modalities that can work for different people/goals. Pure Slim 1000 is one of the best diet programs I have encountered and I recommend it to everyone.

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