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Britt Mus burger he piss mentioned Katherine Webb’s, day okay now that would be on Ernest are more. Karl Julius commercials, and I’m not judging on the man I’m just saying how sports that camera camper. Pale a brain in Seoul when those are the people, that you’re promoting constantly the quarterback heated up the fifty-two 52 gassy were me I wear jeans. I love Papa John’s an hour on a drink Bud Light beer, I want to play I want some I want some other money no doubt he got a top to sell in Jersey British. Are now with us your he had before he did okay soul, he understood how to play the game played a game a life in me a you know what else? I’m a huge fan he is anybody him up for Twitter, I love to get them on a rolls report when their season, is assault brother in a film network like I’m a fan his movie it let’s get let’s get him on there was a port in right now. We have ice cube on the road mine please subscribe to the ground and channel by clicking that huge button that says subscribe in It.

Well the ground network ended j Lindros report jailing said did the paint uh… Exactly are we giving them an update by what they will, only going to give the people today jail in the summertime addition. Bring given something being are nil use sent me a link, at you I don’t know how you found that they shouted to whether somebody hit me up all in my mentions. Uh… about this topic we’re going to discuss, and now I’m taking social media to the national media. And I’m frankly disappointed, that I have not heard this topic discussed heavily on a national event.

Arms now it’s going to be discussed I’ve never heard of this before, and I follow basketball is a faint but I’ve never heard of this practice before. And I want to give a big shout out to matt Stan Meyer, and the newer star-ledger an engineer dot COM because, there is there in the story the story is about basketball prospects. Staying back in middle school so they can be a year alder in high school, as their plate explain what Jackie what this practices. This practice Jacobi is basically Sonya until they explain exactly what his practices so basically Jacobi what’s happening.

is young prospects in basketball, in their families have decided a business decision, to hold back their young prospect of great to allow them. To have a physical mental any motion, or advantage playing against other middle schoolers. So in theory, there are a lot of players across the country, whole instead of being a part of their ninth grade class. They’re still performing eighth graders exactly, and so if let’s use my son is example whose it was only four weeks old. Or young shot godless he’s got a lot of potential, in the bass while court it when he’s a seven. We’ll tell you this in mind that the aggressive soviet. Josh on middle school we got a toddler, or he might have known and I already working on it so if he’s in seventh grade.

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