Michael Schumacher’s Condition

Other developments concerning the alleged theft of the Formula One racing superstar Michael Schumacher’s medical records are currently coming to light, although he is now heading towards the road to healing.

Additional reports from Telegraph UK said that AK formerly worked at Rega, a Swiss chopper company as a supervisor. The company was responsible for carrying the winner to CHUV University Hospitals in Switzerland from the CHU Grenoble hospital in France where the he is currently recuperating.

Based on local records, AK was verified to be old of 54 years, and neighbors frequently describe the champion to be quite private, living in seclusion with his partner.

Nevertheless, close friends acquainted with AK saw him as a “trustworthy and virtuous guy,” according to reports. In addition they pointed out that the champion never spoke of any fiscal woes, which throws doubts on the motivation of stealing the records for pecuniary gain.

Due to too little evidence to bring forth other defendants and AK’s departure, prosecutors will probably to close the case.

The Formula One automobile brought him the first world championship for Scuderia and his third World Driver’s Title.

The racecar will be among the priciest vehicles to be sold in Monterey, at Portola Hotel & Spa.

The other automobile driven by Schumacher is the 1997 Ferrari F310 B, which the 45-year old legend drove at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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