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Trimming arm hair for men:


•    Snip your arm hair with scissors. This is the easiest way because everyone has scissors around the house. Using a comb, lift up your arm hair and trim off the desired amount. This is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to remove it completely, but also doesn’t want the density they currently have.

•    Trim your arm hair with clippers. The same clippers that cut your hair or trim your sideburns are perfect to use. Simply set the guard to the desired length and trim away. This is the fastest method. Also, test the length first on an area of your arm. This will ensure that you like the length. It’s always easier to go shorter, because once the hair is removed, you have to give it time to grow back. Find more such tips on men grooming here:

•    Try a cream hair removal. Nair is a popular brand that works well. This is ideal for the person who wants to remove all of their arm hair. Simply spread the cream on, wait the allotted time given in the directions and wash it off. It’s that simple. If you only want to remove some of your hair, leave the cream on for half of the time according to the directions. This will completely remove some hairs and leave others.

•    Shave the tips of your arm hair. Because your arm hair is usually fairly long, if you use a razor, it will remove some hairs and the ends of other hairs. A razor is really meant to cut hairs that are short, so this process will thin the arm hair. While it is not as effective as the first couple of steps, it will certainly do in a pinch.


Dove’s New Men+Care Products Focus On Grooming For Him, But These Offerings Are Surprisingly Unisex

The stats are in. A Mintel study revealed that 59 percent of American men admitted that they get a confidence boost from a grooming regimen. Obviously, a guy caring about his skin, hair, and grooming habits doesn’t make him metro, still, Dove’s Men+Care product range simplifies the process and the newest offerings feel very unisex.

This series focuses on the neck up and the simplicity of the routine. But guess what? Ladies can use the products, as well. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with washing and going, and men’s products are often designed for just that. A grooming regimen that is uncomplicated isn’t silly. Good hygiene is necessary, no matter your gender.

According to Unilever, which owns Dove Men+Care, the men’s grooming category is growing. Dudes are buying products for their skin, so the brand is making it easier to care for oneself. Check this news site for more  updates –

However, there is still a sector of guys that aren’t doing all that they can. While 59 percent of men who groom like doing so, makeup artist and groomer Karen Lynn Accattato noted that almost half of men in the U.S. skip the face wash or moisturizer. That doesn’t shock me in the slightest.

Dove counters that issue with these easy-to-use products that I’d probably steal from ma dude’s medicine chest, so there’s that added benefit. Also, hair styling products have been added to the line’s repertoire, with further beefed up shaving cream and moisturizer offerings.


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