Drives broken / not showing up

Have a buffalo external hard disk which is not showing up. I have taken the drive out of its external casing and placed into a caddy, however, the drive does not appear to getting power through to it. The heads appear parked (not rattling). Its a 2TB Western Digital WD20EARX drive – SN WMAZA8353399

I think my problem is mechanical because when I enter into the laptop he does not read the data but in return he makes some strange sounds like a click

Hard drive was dropped and no longer works. Have been advised that the motor is not spinning the drive up. Need the data recovering off the drive if possible. Many thanks in advance.

I have a Toshiba hard-drive (750GB capacity) from my old laptop that my OS (Windows 10) is unable to recognise. I have a lot of family photos stored on it especially photos of my kids were their were young, for this reason I am looking for the data recovery as the files stored are important for me. Also the hard-drive makes clicking noise when I am trying to get access to it. I would like to ask the price estimation for data recovery and also how long the recovery procedure will take?

I called today wanting to meet and talk about used laptop that wanted to see if I can buy from you. (laptop spares or repair old and new laptops leftover laptops. I export them to Africa repair it and give them to school and e.t.c, please contact me.

I recently bought an SD card to be used on our honeymoon, and while we where there the camera suddenly stopped read the SD card (an error saying card cannot be accessed was given). Once we got back I took it to someone locally as we live in Malta, and the guy told us that the MCU on the circuitry was gone, we are at loss… Is data recovery possible and if so how much would it cost?

My hard drive dropped about 4 feet into a hard floor. I tried plugging it into my laptop and the light comes on but it doesn’t connect to my laptop. I’m an amateur photographer and I’m hoping it’s haven’t lost all my photos!! It’s easier to contact me via email if possible, i have no access to my phone during work unfortunately.

I didnt eject my WD external drive correctly – removed directly from usb port & now message says it is corrupted & unreadable I havent dropped it or damaged it in any physical way I think i have 32/64GB storage

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