Avoid Illness with your Diet

Ask yourself: What did you eat today? Tell me how you really feel. If you are whining of aches and pains, pressure, anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, or simply an overall lack of vigor, a fresh medical theory will blow your head. The odds are that those disorder-like symptoms are all the consequence of what is called concealed food allergies.

Turn My Disorder says there’s a means to stop them: BY EATING RIGHT!

You have heard of Patel Pasteur figured out the best way to keep milk from becoming spoiled.

It is part of becoming old,” you say. “It is only anxiety.” Is it? Most of the body’s immune defenses are all found in your belly, so when you’ve got a food allergy that is concealed and you expose yourself to your defenses malfunction, dangerous foods and disease-carrying bacteria take over.

Collectively, Ken Drew and Dr Patel have developed the Inverse My Disease plan, which promises it can bulletproof your body against ailments like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancers. You will not want a prescription and there isn’t any sort of medical procedure called for. There is no medical jargon, no complex diet. What it does do is promise to let you know how you can hack on your body’s natural defense system.

Dr. Patel has stayed under the radar of the whole medical institution because his thoughts are so threatening to physicians who do not need you to cease being ill enough for them to compose you prescriptions. Those physician visits cost you, if you would like by learning the best way to eat food that will not damage your body to prevent disease.

What’s your perspective on Dr. Patel’s radical outlook on medication?

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